“Meeting fellow vegetarians and vegans is not always easy however with a combination of Karin’s passion and drive and knowing that she has teamed up with the leaders in dating technology I am confident that VeggieVisionDating will be a super success.

Sign up today and maybe connect with your perfect veggie partner!”

Victoria Eisermann – Founder of K 9 Angels, former model and reality TV personality.
"Yes it’s true I married my very own Robin Hood – and he turned vegetarian too! I was playing Maid Marian at the time and just knew that Gary was the man for me.

However it’s not easy to find a vegetarian or vegan partner. It’s unlikely they will be down the local waiting for you.

I’ve known Karin for years now and I know that she has set up VeggieVisionDating to make lives easier for fellow vegetarians and vegans who are looking for love.

Do have a look and tell your friends too!"

Presenter, author and passionate advocate for animals Wendy Turner Webster

Craft Beggars news TV programme out on Discovery TLC in the autumn.
"I wish VeggieVisionDating all the best. Compassionate people need to get connected, that's the way we make the world a better place. So this could be it. I'm signing up. that’s all you need to know. So now people who care about the planet, themselves, and the animals, can now be united by people who also care. I wish all the best."

Benjamin Zephaniah
“I have known Karin since about day two of Viva! and making a difference for animals as well as fellow vegetarians and vegans has become her passion. I was not surprised to hear that she has set up a dating site for vegetarians and vegans and knowing Karin, I have no doubt that she will make this a fun and great resource. I hope I get an invite to any weddings!”

Juliet Gellatley BSc, Dip CNM, Dip DM, FNTP, NTCC, CNHC Founder & Director, Viva! & Revive! Nutritional Therapist Everything vegetarian & vegan and Viva!’s campaigns:
"Karin and I are working together for Veganuary and I know that she is passionate about making life easy for fellow vegans. I met Jane who is now my now wife online – so I know first hand that you can meet your perfect partner this way!"

Matthew Glover
"If you don’t fancy smooching with someone after a kebab I strongly suggest that you sign up to my friend Karin Ridgers dating site She set this up to connect likeminded vegetarians and vegans every penny goes straight back into promoting the site too."

Tim Barford

Founder of the biggest vegetarian and vegan festivals in Europe.

“If you’ve opted for a committed and cruel free lifestyle and are looking for a date, it makes sense to meet like minded people. Compatibility is the glue which sticks relationships together. When you meet through VeggieVisionDating you know the glue has no animal product. There couldn’t be a better start. (-:)”



Peter Egan


Animal advocate and actor

“Dating is all about compatibility, empathy and shared interests, so what better starting place could there be than a vegan dating site, – you’ve ticked loads of boxes before you’ve even started!  I wish Karin Ridgers all the luck in the world with this fabulous idea.”


With love, and luck,


Carol Royle, TV, film and stage actress